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Many gastric-support supplements include pectin and lecithins. Find out how the might help horses with EGUS.
Activated charcoal administered via a nasogastric tube might help stop the intoxication process that can lead to death.
Most weanlings turned out with shelters in the winter had no more respiratory issues than those kept in stables, researchers found.
Adjusting a horse's environment and administering medications as needed can help asthmatic equids return to function.
Researchers examined 1,154 Thoroughbreds' Timeform ratings and assessed performance one and three months before and after vaccination.
Penn Vet's clinic has resumed normal operations and is admitting all equine elective and emergency patients with minimal restrictions.
Knowing which ovarian abnormalities are benign and which are pathogenic can help veterinarians manage mares successfully.
A reader wants to know if there's a connection between a horse's spooky behavior and hearing impairment.
Ensure your foal has a smooth start to life and prompt treatment of issues that develop with these resources.
The two horses that tested positive earlier this week were placed in quarantine at a private facility.
This case, in a gelding shipped from Oregon, is not related to the ones diagnosed at another facility in December 2017.
The domains focus on horses' nutrition, environment, health, behavior, and mental experiences.
A second horse at the affected farm was diagnosed with equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy (EHM).
A 6-year-old Quarter Horse gelding located near Gillette was euthanized. Test results on a second horse are pending.
Two additional horses at Turfway Park tested positive for equine herpesvirus-1, animal health officials said Feb. 6.
I have a 13-year-old Quarter Horse gelding that is in good health, and he is usually a pleasure to ride. He does very well with movement one direction, such as sidepassing to the right, but he seems very uncomfortable when I have him sidepass left...
This work could help riders better select dressage mounts to ensure their capacity to do the work and also maintain soundness.
Of the 356 respondents, 148 (42%) said they've owned or managed a horse that had a problem with headshaking.
Time is of essence when diagnosing and treating atypical myopathy as it can prove fatal in less than two days.
Our nutritionist explains how horses break down dietary fat despite not having a gallbladder for bile storage.
A 3-year-old Thoroughbred found unable to rise in his stall was euthanized after testing positive for EHV-1.
Two racehorses and two horses at the University of Findlay are quarantined after testing positive for EHV-1.
Both medical and surgical management resulted in more than 94% of treated horses surviving to discharge from one hospital, researchers found.
Researchers found that surgical correction of a patent urachus or infected umbilical remnants often has a good outcome.
Here's how vets can carry out five common mildly aversive procedures using learning science and behavior modification techniques.
If foals are diagnosed and treated early they generally have a fair to good chance to make a full recovery.
Cytology allows vets to correctly diagnose a corneal ulcer's underlying cause and institute appropriate therapy.
The course is designed to educate farriers about producing original research, increase the evidence-base behind farriery, and enhance equine welfare.
Removing the ovaries won't fix other issues, from static shock to bladder adhesions, that can make mares behave badly.
The 2-year-old Miniature Horse gelding with an unknown vaccination history developed clinical signs on Jan. 10 and was euthanized on Jan. 16.